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Caring for your health! Let everyone enjoy our cuisine

Diets for customers with food allergies

We have adapted part of our kitchen so we can cook for people with celiac disease and other food allergies. We have a special oven to heat these products exclusively,  a blender, a toaster, kitchen utensils, etc … which we only use the days we are cooking for people with food allergies so we can ‚guarantee‘ a series of dishes that do not contain traces gluten.

Nowadays there are more people without being celiac, have developed a gluten intolerance. These are the dishes that indicated at the buffet that are made without gluten but may contain traces.

We offer you dishes that are guaranteed to be free of traces of gluten, lactose, egg or nuts with our menu. We can provide you the details (ingredients) of all dishes free of traces. Besides from these special dishes you can always be order in advance any other dish so can enjoy fresh local products such as meat, vegetables, cheese ….

You can ask the waiter for breakfast adapted to your needs. Most meats and cheeses that we provide do not contain gluten or lactose but you know we can not guarantee having no traces. In the kitchen we have already cut and packaged meats that originally guaranteed the absence of traces zen.

We hope you will enjoyed your stay and feel at home is our aim. Do not hesitate to ask for what you need.

We are recommended by the Catalan Celiac Association: www.celiacscatalunya.org



Diet for vegans and ovolacteovegetarians, special diets for sportsmen.

In our buffet you always find two types of composed salads and whole vegetables and fruits to compose your salad.

Each meal has three side dishes and vegetable-based carbohydrates and usually there is always a cold soup in summer and a warm every night. We also have pasta grains and organic.

We invite you when you are booking or when you have your check-in, that you advise our team what is preference when it comes to food, so we can adapt the dishes suitable to each case.

Our Ecological commitment

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