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All inclusive Offers

Everyday you can enjoy of dishes without gluten (those with a red mark)

We offer you the possibility of eating well without gluten. For many years in our cooking we have cared for coeliac. We want them also to enjoy our cuisine. In many stews we have replaced the traditional thickening agents for others that not contain gluten.

Lunches and dinners

If you want French fries-you just have to ask the waiter and we will prepare it for you at the moment with new oil. If you feel like eating pasta or soup pasta, you may ask the head room or in reception. You can also ask for bread and we will bring it to your table.

If you have a significant degree of coeliac and fear it may be any cross-contamination at the buffet, you can ask the waiters to serve the dishes directly from the kitchen.


For the breakfasts ask the waiter: bread, cereals and bakery that we will serve you at the table. We do the bakery at the moment so it takes a little. You can eat cooked-meats without any problem, cooked ham, Serrano ham, cheese and fuet. Regarding the craft bulls we are unable to ensure they do not have any trace. The cocoa and jams are completely free of gluten.

We are recommended by the Association Coeliac from Catalunya  www.celiacscatalunya.org


On the other hand, for those who are vegetarian, we also have dishes for you.

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