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Retreat Tailor-made Life Reset

All year round

What is tailor-madeLife Reset?

Create your completely tailored wellness retreat

  • Personal Coaching before, during and after the stay.
  • Regenerative Treatments and Massages.
  • Physiotherapy
  • Functional Reeducation and Personal Trainer
  • Guided sessions : Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Dance, Mindfulness
  • Pool, Spa , Gym
  • Excursions Self-guided or with a Guide
  • Forest Bathing
  • Orchard therapy
  • Cooking workshops.
  • Coaching in Healthy Eating
  • Choose the services that can best suit you with your personal assistant.


Your personal assistent

He will help you to choose the services that can best suit you according to your vital moment.

Drac Garcia

Responsable Health and Wellness Cerdanya Ecoresort. Integrative Physiotherapy and Personal Coach. Mindfulness Specialist

Team Cerdanya Ecoresort

Life Reset David Isern

David Isern

Leader – 3a generation Cerdanya Ecoresort and permacultor

Ariadna Mignogna

Body Therapist, specialized in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Metaprogramming, Californian Massage / Esalen and Ahtanga Vinyassa Yoga. She will guide you through emotional intelligence and conscious movement workshops. She also teaches weekly Yoga and Pilates classes..

She will be the person doing the pre-stay interview and psycho-emotional support during the stay and post-stay.

Life Reset Rosa

Rosa Alonso

Pharmaceutical. Phytotherapy specialist

Jordi Tomàs

Food coordinator of the Cerdanya Ecoresort. Cook and dietitian. Great passion for healthy cooking. He is the person who gives you the cooking workshops. Coach in healthy eating and cooking.

Drac Garcia Palacios

Integrative Physiotherapy and Personal Coach. Mindfulness specialist.

He will guide you during your stay and is responsible for the program.

Nil Armengol

Mountain guide. He will accompany you and show you the most beautiful places in Cerdanya, explaining everything he knows about our valley.

Life Reset Maria Bautista

Maria Bautista

Chiromassatgist, lymphotherapist and Bach flower therapist

Miriam Huguet

She is the person who will accompany you from the first contact until the moment of making the reservation and will help you with any doubt to do with your stay.

Logo Life Reset - Cerdanya Pirineus

Contact us and we inform you


    Get to know the opinion of Conxita, a Life Reset participant

    Get to know the opinion of Ismael, a Life Reset participant


    Here we list the answers to the doubts you may have!

    • I do not speak Spanish. The program is available in English?

    Yes,  our team speaks English and some of them other lenguages too (French, Italian, German)

    • If I come accompanied, they need them to do the program?

    It is not necessary. You can come accompanied by a partner, family, friends… Ask for a quote and we will tell you about the stay without the Life Reset activities. 

    • Is this retreat linked to any religion or belief?

    Not at all. It is simply about learning new healthy lifestyle habits, connecting with oneself and with nature. This connection implies a certain spirituality but it has nothing to do with any religion.

    • I see that you are a hotel where we will not be alone and on the weekend there will be families and other guests who do not come to do the Life Reset, will there be an atmosphere conducive to disconnect?

    The vocation of our Ecoresort is to bring all kinds of guests closer to nature. Therefore, we have a very broad profile of customers who come to our facilities for different reasons. That is why we look to have spaces reserved for adults only or when there are many people, to serve the meals in spaces reserved for adults. On weekends, when there are more people, we try to offer meals outdoors or in a separate dining room.

    • Does the body have to be prepared in some way for the retreat?

    Coming to do a Life Reset is an act of courage. Not everyone is aware that you have to stop in order to change your life towards a healthier dimension. From the moment you make the decision, everything changes!  

    You don’t need anything more than the desire. But it is true that it will be better if before coming we introduce small changes that promote a Detox effect in our body. We’ll send you some tips a few days before in case you want to get ready.

    • Is there a medical examination to be done before making the withdrawal?

    If you suffer from any type of illness, it is always better to consult a doctor in order to make the most of your stay. In general, however, it is not necessary. 

    • Can I extend or shorten the stay?

    No problem. The ideal is to do 9 days because it is about achieving a positive effect for our body. The ninth is the one that the Greco-Roman tradition indicates as the minimum time to start establishing a habit. From here, reality sometimes does not allow us to have so much time and that is why we can adapt. Call us and we will tailor-make your stay within the period in which we offer the Life Reset. In any case, the minimum is two nights.

    • Can I come with children?

    We are currently unable to offer childcare.

    • I have specific food needs. How will the diet be adapted? How do I communicate?

    Before the start of your stay we will send you a questionnaire to get to know your specific eating routines and diets that you are following. This information will help us to better understand your habits and thus during your stay to adapt if necessary the different meals.

    In case of allergies, intolerances and very specific diets we will contact you directly to clarify any doubts you may have.

    • I’ve seen hiking and physical activity. If I can’t do this, what can I do?

    It is a very diverse program and there are group activities. We usually do excursions for which more physical activity is required. We try to adapt the levels as much as possible, if it is not possible, sometimes we have the possibility of deriving you towards an activity of less physical demand and if it is not possible you should know that the activities that are not obligatory. If the body says it can’t, listen to it. It is also very necessary to have time to practice the ‚dolce far niente‘. We are in a wonderful environment and just picking up a book or meditating while looking at the Sierra del Cadí is a real gift for the senses!

    • Is it mandatory to run the entire program? If there are any activities I don’t like, should I do them?

    The program is entirely voluntary. However, if the activities are not done, it is not refundable because the price is the package price.

    • And after the Reset Life, what do you recommend?

    Nine days is the time it takes to start a habit but 21 days is the minimum time to consolidate it. In the Life Reset we teach you several tools so that you can then follow the ones that suit you best. However, it is clear that if we do not use any and return to the same routines, we will have had a very pleasant stay but it will be of little use to us. We will give you a file with tips so that you can continue with your focus to find the one that suits you best and that you can achieve your goals. You will have the opportunity to have an individual session with both the Personal Coach and the Coach in Healthy Eating and Cooking to assess the status of the desired changes and face any difficulties. ‚Online‘ life allows us to keep up with you if you wish!

    • I have skin allergies to different products. Can I still get massages and treatments?

    We use Emocosmetica products in our massages and treatments which are emotional biological cosmetics.

    A brand that does not use chemicals that are harmful to health, with a high concentration of natural biological ingredients that we can use in case of skin conditions.

    • Are treatments and massages the same for everyone?

    All massages and treatments are selected depending on the needs of each client. Being thus a totally personalized service and adapted to each personal circumstance. A masseuse will contact you to determine the best option for you.

    In the following link you will find the differents massages and treatments so you can get an idea of ​​the different possibilities:

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    This week form part of the Life Reset retreats (comprehensive health and personal growth) and there is the option to extend a few days!

    Logo Life Reset - Cerdanya EcoResort Pirineus

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