Conventions & Seminars

Connect with people, connect with nature

Experience a green seminar, an emotional experience which will allow you to establish a bond of confidence among the participants, with a guaranteed learning.

Why choose La Cerdanya?

  • It’s the wider valley in Europe, and because of its orientation it has more than 3,000 hours of sun per year. Perfect conditions for your event!
  • Because it is surrounded by mountains and the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park that makes it a unique territory, with a variety of routes and paths to explore.
  • Because it provides peace and relaxation. Cerdanya EcoResort is a window to the landscape and nature with views of the Serra del Cadí.
  • Because we are in the middle of the Pyrenees, with easy access to rest of the Catalan territory and with the border with France.
  • Because you will wake up with the singing of the birds and the calm of the territory.
  • Because you can taste our land and culture. We offer you local, ecological and quality products.
  • Because it is a land of traditions and elegance!

Why choose Cerdanya EcoResort?

  • Because we treat you like family. We adapt your requests. We stand out for our staff, both in service and professionalism, as well as in kindness and predisposition.
  • Because we give you originality and difference. Your company is unique, and we will make you have an exceptional stay.
  • Because we can give you exclusivity in our facilities.
  • Because we have our own activity company and travel agency and we process any type of activity and reservation.
  • Because we make it easy for you and we organize your entire stay, without having to worry about anything.
  • Because we will manage your reservation and ensure that you have a perfect stay.
  • Because you will get everything together, an emotional bond and a guaranteed learning!

Seminars with soul

We offer exclusivity and originality in full contact with nature and we can organize everything from the beginning to the end!

We have large or intimate rooms with natural light and views of the beautiful valley of Cerdanya and the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. Our own agency allows us to organize different activities for companies: field meals, adventure activities, snowshoes, gymkhana etc.

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Trust in our service

  • Agència Catalana de Turisme
  • Seat
  • Universitat de Barcelona
  • Hospital de Puigcerdà
  • Freudenberg
  • Gallina Blanca
  • Vall d’Hebron
  • Les Tous Petits
  • Asppir
  • Inbound Cycle

  • Fundares
  • Simon
  • Hit the roof
  • La Caixa
  • Associació d’empresaris i directius
  • Casa llevet
  • Unilever
  • Mandarina Duck
  • cientific convention about Diabetes
  • Glaxo Smith Klein
  • Institut de Recerca Biològica de Barcelona
  • Park Help
  • Asea Brown Boveri
  • Nestlé
  • Institut de Desenvolupament de l’Alt Pirineu i Aran
  • Patronat de Turisme Terres de Lleida
  • Grifone
  • Limpdeluxe
  • Others
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Conventions & Seminars

  • Contact with nature; respect for the environment
  • Eco-friendly and organic food
  • Renewable energy: solar panels and biomass installation
  • Water saving: rain tanks and filtered rainwater