Snowshoe excursions

Stroll through the mountains dyed white in full safety

You like hiking but with snow in winter you do not want to go alone? Do you have the equipment and would you like to try doing a snowshoe excursion? With us you can do it!

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Snowshoe excursions

Do you want to enjoy nature and the surroundings in a very fun way with your family or friends?

We will explore the most spectacular and emblematic places of La Cerdanya, and going with snowshoes will allow us to walk through the middle of the snow. Without a doubt, snowshoes are one of the best activities to enjoy with the whole family, adults and children.

Every winter we offer guided snowshoe walks in total trust of our expert guides!

Family trips last for about 2 hours counting games, photo stops and others. The main objective is to enjoy nature, snow and have fun.

The medium-level routes, from 2.5h to 3h, are characterized by beautiful places. The rhythm is smooth and the ascend too.

We will tell you why we recomend going with a guide!

the price includes: guidance, adult and children snowshoes, walking sticks and insurance!

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Snowshoe excursions

  • Our excursions are thought to respect nature and the environment totally!
  • Share a car to the starting point and we will give you 2 Social Cerdanya for a value of € 0.50. These can be deposited in the piggy banks for different NGOs and Cerdanya EcoResort will be admitted to the corresponding NGO