Life Reset Nature Programme

A transformative experience

What is Life Reset?

Life Reset is a 10-day Health and Wellness Programme with a personal coach

  • A boost to your life
  • Learn new healthy habits from the experts
  • A personal coach by your side
  • Comprehensive health: healthy eating, mindfulness, nature, spa, massages, physio …
  • Meet new people
  • Get to know La Cerdanya
  • Rest | Recharge | Detox | Take care
  • Connect with yourself. Joy – Happiness – Inner strength

It’s time to reset your life and equip yourself with new tools that will help you take better care of yourself and create healthy habits.

There is no better place to recharge than in Cerdanya Ecoresort, at the facilities of our 4 * hotel set in natural surroundings, which offers a Wellness centre, where you can attend conferences and workshops given by professionals that will help you improve your lifestyle using a comprehensive approach.

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    Team of professionals

    Mindfulness specialist

    Edgar Tarrés

    Specialist in the field of communication and consciousness, Edgar is a postgraduate in Nature and Spirituality and has a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communication. For three days he will guide you through a programme of Mindfulness, forest baths and emotion management, combined with the sounds of nature and the harmonic music that he himself composes.

    • Present the weekend from 11/06 to 13/06 of the ninth Healthy Eating, Mindfulness and Creativity from 04/06 to 13/06
    • Present the weekend from 17/09 to 19/09 of the ninth Comprehensive Health and Mindfulness from 09/10 to 19/09
    • Present the weekend of 17/09 to 19/09 of the ninth Mindfulness and Autumn Detox from 17/09 to 26/09

    Nutritionists from Ets el Que Menges consultancy in Barcelona:

    Life Reset

    Núria Coll

    Journalist. She is the director of the first online nutrition magazine in Catalan: ‘Ets el que manges’, launched in 2011. Two years later, Coll created the corresponding Spanish version ‘Soy como como’.

    • Present the weekend from 04/06 to 06/06 of the ninth Healthy Eating and Mindfulness from 03/06 to 13/06

    David Gasol

    Nutritionist and macrobiotic consultant, a specialist in natural and vegetarian cuisine.
    Private nutrition consultant in Barcelona with the ‘Ets el Que Menges’ team.
    Teacher of natural cooking.

    • Present the weekend from 01/10 to 03/10 of the ninth Detox and Healthy Eating from24/09 to 3/10

    Cerdanya Ecoresort Team

    Life Reset David Isern

    David Isern

    Leader – 3rd generation Cerdanya EcoResort and permaculturist.

    Ariadna Mignogna

    Body Therapist, specialising in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Metaprogramming, Californian Massage / Esalen and Ahtanga Vinyassa Yoga. She will guide you through emotional intelligence and conscious movement workshops. She also teaches weekly Yoga and Pilates classes.

    She will carry out your pre-stay interview and provide psycho-emotional support during and after your stay.

    Life Reset Rosa

    Rosa Alonso

    Pharmacist. Specialist in phytotherapy.

    Jordi Tomàs

    Head chef of the Cerdanya Ecoresort. Chef and dietitian with a great passion for healthy cooking. He will teach the cooking workshops. Coach in food and healthy cooking.

    Drac Garcia Palacios

    Integrative Physiotherapy and Personal Coach. Mindfulness Specialist. He will guide you during your stay and is in charge of the programme.

    Nil Armengol

    Mountain guide. He will accompany you and show you the most beautiful places in La Cerdanya, sharing all his knowledge about this magnificent valley.

    Maria Bautista

    Chiropractor, lymphotherapist and Bach flower therapist.

    Miriam Huguet

    She will accompany you from your very first enquiry until the booking phase, and will help you with any questions that have to do with your stay.


    Life Reset Programme, 10 days, 9 Nights


    04/06 to 13/06 – Healthy Eating, Mindfulness and Creativity

    ‘Ets el que menges’, the Institute of Silence, the Cerdanya Ecoresort Team and their coaches will take you on a journey towards healthy eating, mindfulness and creativity. A transformative journey where you will learn new healthy habits, surrounded by nature and where you can reflect on your projects and fill them with awareness and creativity.


    10/09 to 19/09 – Comprehensive Health and Mindfulness

    Edgar Tarrès, the Cerdanya Ecoresort Team and its Coaches, will take you on a journey towards Comprehensive Health and Mindfulness. A transformative journey where you will strengthen the four pillars which maintain and improve health: being active, eating healthy, being at peace and connecting with nature and its biorhythms. Above all, you will develop Mindfulness with the help of a renowned specialist: Edgar Tarrès.

    24/09 to 3/10 – Detox and Healthy Eating

    ‘Ets el que menges’, the Cerdanya Ecoresort Team and its Coaches will take you on a journey to transform your health and well-being through food. To start with, we will do a mind and body detox to give ourselves more space and strength to incorporate new healthy habits, which we will help you put into practice in your everyday life. As well as walks around Cerdanya, you can also enjoy the spa circuit, wellness treatments, cooking workshops and much more.

    What does it include?

    Before your stay

    • Video conference with our Personal Coach to help us get to know each other, explain how you are feeling, what your needs are and what you would like to get out of your stay. We will talk about your diet, your physical health and how you are on a personal level in different areas of life.
    • You will receive a guide to prepare you for your stay, with advice about diet, physical activity and personal introspection.

    During your stay

    • Healthy eating and cooking workshops
    • Phytotherapy workshop
    • Excursions, forest baths and garden therapy
    • Mindful movement , yoga and pilates workshops
    • Emotional intelligence and mindfulness workshop
    • Subtle energy awareness workshop
    • Spa circuits and 3 treatments and massages
    • Physiotherapy
    • An individual session with your Personal Coach
    • An individual session with your Coach in Healthy Eating and Cooking
    • Explanatory dossier of all the activities

    After your stay

    • A video conference with your Personal Coach to assess personal development after coaching and to address any difficulties.
    • A video conference with the Coach in Healthy Eating and Cooking to assess personal development after coaching and to address any difficulties.
    • Be part of the Etselquemenges community for a year
    • Online course Lifedesign taught by Edgar Tarrés.

    Programme example (different for each person)

    FridaySPAProgramme presentation and eco-healthy workshop
    SaturdayYoga and a guided excursion through the CerdanyaTalk ‘Ets el que Menges’ (You are what you eat)Talk ‘Ets el que Menges’ (You are what you eat)Game night
    SundayVisit to the permaculture vegetable gardens and healthy cooking workshopSPA
    MondayGuided excursionSpa Treatment / Massage
    Conscious Movement and Mindfulness
    TuesdayHealthy cooking workshopEmotional inteligence workshopYoga
    WednesdaySubtle Energy Awareness WorkshopSpa Treatment / Massage
    ThursdayHealthy cooking workshopPhysiotherapyPilates
    FridayGuided excursionSpa Treatment / Massage
    Programme presentationHarmonics concert
    SaturdayMindfulness applied to the organisationNature workshop as a source of wisdomNature workshop as a source of wisdomCreative visualisation
    SundayCreativity and subconscious workshopSPA

    Investment per person for 10 days & 9 nights:

    Per person6% discount for reservations 2 months in advance12% discount for reservations 3 months in advance15% discount for Eco-Community Members
    Double room or apartment1.578€1.483€1.389€1.341€
    Single room or apartment1.752€1.647€1.542€1.489€
    Programme without accommodation1.164€1.094€1.024€989€

    10% VAT included. Tourist Tax 1.20 € / person / night not included. Drinks included. Check the price for companions who are not enrolled in the activities programme. 

    Prices for fewer nights: on request.

    Download the Life Reset brochure for more information!

    Life Resetpdf


    Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

    • If I come accompanied, do we all have to do the programme?

    No, it is not necessary! You can come with your partner, family, friends… Just ask our team for the price and we will inform you about your stay without the activities of the Life Reset Programme. We offer a wide range of activities to choose from.

    • Is this retreat linked to any religion or belief?

    No. The programme is about learning new healthy living habits, connecting with yourself and nature. This connection implies a certain spirituality but has nothing to do with any religion.

    • I have seen that your hotel might have families and other clients who are not doing the Life Reset Programme. Will there be a suitable relaxing environment?

    Our vocation is to bring all kinds of customers closer to nature. Therefore, we have customers who come to our facilities for different reasons. That is why we have spaces reserved only for adults. In addition, on dates with a large influx of people, we serve food in spaces reserved for adults, in a separate dining room or we offer meals eaten outside surrounded by nature.

    • Is it necessary to do any physcal preparation for the programme?

    Coming to do a Life Reset is an act of courage. Not everyone is aware that you need to stop in order to change your life to a healthier dimension. From the moment you make the decision, everything changes!

    Nothing more than an open mind is needed to prepare for the programme. However, it is true that it will be better if, before coming, you can make some small changes that have a detox effect on the body. We will send you some tips a few days in advance if you want to get ready.

    • Do I need to have a medical examination before coming

    If you suffer from any type of illness, it is always best to consult a doctor so that you can make the most of your stay. However, in general, it is not necessary. We have an agreement with the Omega-Zeta Clinic  ( in case you want to have a medical examination before your stay. It is a clinic with a comprehensive vision that takes into account any problems you may have and informs you how nutrition, physical activity, etc., during the programme, will help you improve. They have some very interesting diagnostic machines. It is always advisable to consult professionals who have a holistic view of health.

    • Can I extend or shorten my stay?

    No problem. Ideally you should complete the 9-day programme because it is about achieving a positive effect on our body. ‘The ninth day’ is what the Greco-Roman tradition indicated as the minimum time to begin to establish a habit. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life lies. Call us and we will tailor your stay to you during the period in which we offer the Life Reset programme. However, the minimum stay is two nights.

    • Can I take my children with me?

    We have organised a Life Reset programme during the holidays specifically so that you can come with children. The Miniclub el Follet Cerdà operates from 9:00 to 18:30 and, in the evening, there are also entertainment activities. It will be necessary to re-adjust some schedules but it is possible. It will also depend on the age and autonomy of the child or children.

    • I have specific dietary needs. Will they be taken into account? How should I communicate this?

    A few days before the start of your stay we will send you a questionnaire to find out what your specific eating routines and diets are. This information will help us to better understand your habits and, in this way, adapt, if necessary, the different meals during your stay.

    In case of allergies, intolerances and very specific diets, we will contact you directly in order to clarify any doubts you may have.

    • Som activities in the programme include excursions. What are the alternatives if I am unable to participate in the pyhsical activities?

    Life Reset is a very diverse programme with many group activities. Some of the activities include excursions that require physical activity, and the difficulty level is always adapted to the group’s general requirements. If the level still does not meet your abilities, there is always a possibility to do a lower intensity physical activity. In all cases, activities are never mandatory. If your body says no, it is important that we listen to it. In addition, it is also crucual to make time for “dolce far niente” (doing nothing at all). We are in a wonderful environment and simply reading a book or meditating whilst gazing at the Sierra del Cadí is a real gift for the senses!

    • is it mandatory to do all the activities on the programme?

    The programme is entirely voluntary. However, uncompleted activities, are non-refundable, as the price includes the whole package. Either way, we will be attentive to your needs and try to find the best proposal for you.

    • What do you recommend after completing the Life Reset Programme?

    9 days is the time needed to start establishing a new habit but 21 days is the minimum time to stabilise it, and in 90 days it becomes part of your lifestyle. During the Life Reset Programme, we will equip you with various tools so that you can choose the ones that suits you best. Nevertheless, it is clear that if you do not use any of them and return home to the same routines and lifestyle, you will have had a very pleasant, but not very useful, stay. After the programme, we will give you a dossier with tips to follow and a list of professionals that will help you find what suits you best in order to achieve your goals. You will have the opportunity to have an individual session with both your Personal Coach and the Coach in Healthy Eating and Cooking to assess how you are adapting, to changes after the programme, and any possible difficulties you may be facing. ‘Ets El Que Menges’, the most reputable portal on healthy eating and lifestyle, gives you a 6-month subscription so you can continue learning how to take care of yourself in a fun way that motivates you to keep going. You can also follow the online LifeDesign course taught by Edgar Tarrés. All in all, as you will see, LifeReset does not end with the stay!

    • I have skin allergies to some products. Can I still get massages and treatments?

    For our massages and treatments, we use products from Emocosmètica.

    Emotional organic cosmetics.

    A brand that does not use harmful chemicals, and has a high concentration of natural organic ingredients that we can use if you have skin conditions.

    • Are treatments and massages the same for everyone?

    All massages and treatments are selected depending on the needs of each client. We offer totally customised treatments adapted to your personal circumstances. Maria will interview you and she will recommend the massages and treatments that suit you best.

    Here are some of the possibilities we have to offer:



    Deep facial reflexology treatment that works on all facial muscles and helps keep skin smooth and young-looking. By alleviating contractures we achieve balance and a sense of well-being.


    MLD-Method to improve the essential functions of the lymphatic system by means of precise, proportionate and rhythmic massage. Its function is to help mobilise body fluids, eliminate accumulated waste substances, drain and purify. The lymphatic system is considered part of the circulatory system and is one of the main components of the immune system.


    Circulatory Massage activates blood and lymph irrigation. By favouring cell exchange, it helps nutrients reach the cells better and any circulating toxins reach the organs and ganglia responsible for eliminating them. It promotes and activates blood circulation, helping to eliminate toxins.


    Through foot massage we work on the energy meridians and nerve endings connected to different internal parts of the body, providing serenity, tranquillity and well-being. It is a therapy that can help us prevent different symptoms and ailments as well as achieve physical and mental balance.


    In the longitudinal sense of the human body, there are ten energy meridians: five in each half of the body. Energy massage activates and balances the energy concentration centres (called chakras). We work on the meridians, stimulating energy, providing an injection of vitality that helps improve our state of mind and, ultimately, to overcome those moments when we feel low, apathetic, sad, depressed or just melancholy.

    Health and nature weekends

    For shorter stays

    Ets el que menges – 04/06-06/06

    Talks on healthy eating. Cooking workshops. A weekend dedicated to healthy gastronomy. With nutritionists from the well-known online portal Ets el que Menges.

    Slow down with the Institute of Silence – 11/06-13/06

    Silence heals. Silence takes you further. Silence is a little-explored tool. We give you the opportunity to learn from it! With professionals, Edgar Tarrés and Jordi Reixach.

    Disconnect – 10/09-12/09

    A weekend dedicated to you. Take time for yourself and take care of yourself. Feel connected to nature and Mother Earth.

    Feel the landscape: Mindfulness in nature -19/09-19/09

    A weekend of rest, disconnecting and contact with nature with Mindfulness techniques. Feel the landscape and really get to know it. Edgar Tarrés will guide you.

    Autumn detox – 10/09-12-09

    The quintessential time to do a detox. Before winter is the perfect time to pay more attention to yourself.

    Ets el que menges – 01/10-03/10

    We will equip you with tools and delicious recipes so you can eat a healthier diet.

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