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Cerdanya Kids

Have fun and achieve the 50 challenges that every child should have experienced before turning 13!

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Cerdanya Kids, how does it work?

Each family is given the Cerdanya Kids family passport with 50 challenges to complete, the majority in the middle of nature. Each time a challenge is completed, you must validate it with a stamp. To do this, you must take a photo or video of each test and show it to one of the EcoResort receptionists who will kindly validate it!

Prizes to obtain!

5 challenges Cerdanya Kids hat

10 challenges Mountain medal Pin

25 challenges T-shirts with the adventurer medal

35 challenges Fearless Pin + surprise gift

50 challenges A night in the ecoresort with half board for the whole family!

the challenges are based on the idea of a happy childhood. This might seem very normal, but the busy city life of today often disconnects us from nature.

Live the Cerdanya Kids as a family!