Massages & rituals

Awaken your senses

Can’t find time for yourself? At our Wellness Cerdanya centre, we have an extensive catalogue of massages and beauty treatments so you can choose how you want to pamper yourself!

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Awaken your senses through the expert hands of our professionals. We take care of your skin using natural and organic products. Enjoy the experience individually or in couples. Pamper yourself and balance your soul.

We explain our massages.

Massages & rituals

Our five air-conditioned rooms with adjustable music and lighting ensure the perfect environment for you to relax in.

Let yourself be seduced by the warmth and aroma of the candles, or enjoy the combination of different massage techniques with hot stones and energy points. Renew and balance your energy. Or maybe try a sound wave body wrap treatment in the thermo-spa bath. We have a wide range of massages and rituals to choose from!

You can also create your own experience with custom massages! We can adapt the massage to your needs. And for massage lovers, we have programmes for several days.



The massage with hot oil from the candles provides a sensation of well-being and unique relaxation throughout the body. Helps reduce tension and improve blood circulation while deeply hydrating the skin.

The heat and the aroma of the candles


Massage with bags with a combination of medicinal plants grown in our orchard and pure essences of flowers.

The body absorbs the properties of the plants with the help of a hot oil, providing the body with deep relaxation and an improvement in stress, detoxification and pain relief. It is a massage highly indicated for insomnia and rheumatism.


Massage that releases and oxygenates all the organs of the intestinal area, providing great relaxation and an improvement in digestive functions, as well as relief from back ailments. 

The intestinal area is the center of the body and emotions. This massage harmonizes the body and the spirit and helps to rebalance the emotions


All ritual massages include one hour of access to our Spa Circuit.

HARMONIA *Massatge especial Ecoresort ’80 – 99€

Especial Ecoresort massage

A body and facial treatment that consists of a full body massage, foot reflexology and a facial with chromotherapy. A perfect union to achieve the natural balance of body and soul with deep relaxation

Raise your spirits and vital energy.

HOT STONES – ’80 – 99€

Massage with hands and hot volcanic stones that relieves muscular pain, relaxes and helps to recover the natural balance of the body with the energetic work of the chakras.

Combat stress by releasing tension and improving the relaxation of the mind and body.

RENEW YOURSELF – ’80 – 99€

Exfoliating body treatment with salts, relaxing massage all over the body and peeling with facial treatment that promotes blood flow throughout the body.

Wellness MASSATGE Cerdanya EcoResort Pirineus

Contributes to renew and nourish skin cells through deep hydration.


Calms the state of stress and nervousness, easing tensions.
’25 – 39€
Releases the muscles of the cervical area, treating localized pain in the facial structures and cervical region
’25 – 39€
Deep muscle massage to reduce contractures and relax tension in sore areas
’25 – 39€

Wherever you need it


Because we are all different
Personalized massage
Because everyone is different, we adapt the massage to your needs, explain us and we will create your exclusive massage

Personalized massage for pregnant women
Exclusive massage for this very special moment you are living; we adapt us to what you need to release tension and relax your body and mind. It is a massage with which we want to take care of you and your baby

We adapt the massage to your needs, create your exclusive massage. Talk to our professionals and we will create a massage just for you

For children

Child massage
Massage with very soft and guided strokes to achieve relaxation and at the same time stimulate the child, generating a safe and warm bond.
’20 – 21€

De 3 months to 12 years

Our masseurs

Our professionals have taken specific courses in order to work with natural products and apply them with special massages. Put yourself in their hands and let yourself be carried away. They will surprise you!

Whether you want a foot massage, a lymphatic drainage treatment, a tired legs massage, a Pinda massage or a facial treatment, you will be in the hands of experts.

We use organic products to balance your emotions.

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Our massages

  • We use organic products from the Emocosmética range, leader in the field of High-Quality Natural Cosmetics. Feel nature on your skin!
  • Lighting is 100% LED, it consumes less and has a longer life!
  • The heating we use is 100% produced with renewable energies: biomass and solar thermal panels!