Nature baths

Enjoy nature in all its brilliance

We are nature. We are living beings. We are connected.

For millennia, humans have been surrounded by nature and with industrialization, many have lost touch with it, as well as with all the benefits it brings to our health.

We are made of the same components as nature and to feel well, we need to be in touch, balance, and harmony with it.

We need to drink pure water, breathe clean air, touch nutrient-rich soil, and adjust our rhythms to those of nature. For Cerdanya EcoResort it is an honor to open the doors of our house, which is also yours, and that you can enjoy nature in all its brilliance!

Forest baths

Let yourself be embraced by nature. Connect with your strength and spirit.

Garden Therapy

Feel renewed, vitalized, and connected to life! With the help of our guide, we will enter the magical world of the garden.

Sport and Nature

Active life surrounded by nature. This is la Cerdanya!