Teleworking, nature and well-being

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Do you need to work and can you do it from anywhere? Do you want to combine work with nature and your beloved ones? Do you need to feel free, creative and inspired? Do you want to take good care of yourself while you are working? Do you perform better with natural light and views of a Pyrenean village and mountains? Well, don’t think about it anymore and combine a stay at the Cerdanya Ecoresort with telework!

Telework area

A coworking space that will take into account healthy aspects and contact with nature to increase the creativity, well-being and productivity. Enjoy your work.

Integrated in nature and with lots of natural light, with access to a healthy diet, wellness facilities and community activities to enhance networking and professional performance.

It is equipped with all the technological requirements and good wifi.


  • Large room with big windows with natural light. With long tables and small tables with chairs
  • Separate: meeting room with TV screen
  • Separate: room Salt del Molí with magnetic board: for maximum concentration
  • Printer
  • Wifi
  • Office (with ketlle, ionized water, microwave and fridge)
  • Fruits at your disposal
  • Coffeemaker
  • Outdoor terraces accessible from the telework room: veranda-style with wifi point and an open-air one
  • Videocall room
  • Possibility to enjoy all the facilities of the Cerdanya Ecoresort (payment service)
  • With air conditioning
  • Location: ground floor aparthotel building
  • Opening hours: 8am to 10pm



Price per day Coworking space


  • Guests Ecoresort 4€ + VAT=4,84€ 
  • Externs customers 9€ + VAT= 10,90€ 

Benefits: Telework area, wifi, access to the office (coffee and ketlle, free ionized water, fruit available)

Rent room

Rental meeting room 6-7 people

  •  Guests Ecoresort: 8€/hour + vat = 9,68€

  • Extern customes: 12 €/hour + vat = 14,52€

Why doing telework at the Cerdanya Ecoresort?

  • Feeling free, creative and inspired: Proximity to nature

  • Being able to take care of yourself: use eco-resort facilities and healthy food and snacks

  • Your family will be grateful: while you work, they can enjoy the activities and facilities of the ecoresort or the environment.

  • Help  building a better world: sustainability philosophy of Cerdanya Ecoresort

  • You’re not the only one who has to work on holiday: social aspect and colleagues. You will not be alone!

  • You feel like you are on holiday and with the type of accommodation that you like: Combination with accommodation that you prefer: apartment, bungalow, room or camping plot

  • You don’t have to worry because you know there is good equipment to work with

  • If you have to talk to other colleagues  or do concentration work: Meeting room and videocall room

  • You will not disturb others if you have to make video calls: Video conferencing area

  • You have the best with you: your family or your partner

  • You take your family or partner to a safe place: in 1.5 hours you can be at home, good hospital equipment in the area, you can come with your car, low incidence coranovirus, low population density

Ideal combination of telework and family

Contact with nature


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Cowork Cerdanya

  • Telework in full contact with nature
  • Healthy snacks
  • Complementary activities of the Cerdanya Ecoresort
  • Ionized water
  • Renewable energies: biomass heating