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Take advantage of the 100% ecological products of our vegetable gardens and guided tours to understand how it works and its amazing benefits! Discover permaculture and our farm animals!

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At Cerdanya EcoResort we are determined to integrate ecological commitments to our company to improve the quality of our clients’ stay and minimize our environmental impact on the land and its biodiversity. We have suggested ecological alternatives for a healthier and more environmentally friendly diet.

Most of the vegetables of our restaurants come from the green orchards El Verger Cerdà!

Since 2014 we have cultivated our own apples, which can be savored throughout the autumn season, 100% organic and free of chemicals. We also offer some of our campsite guests a plot of land so that they can grow their own natural products: during the summer they open the doors of their vegetable gardens and they show us their work!

In 2017 we started a great project, our own permaculture, with the aim of supplying our Restaurants Arç and KM Cerdanya! Since then we have been working with our vegetable garden and looking for techniques to improve it constantly. We currently have a greenhouse that allows us to grow also in winter. From 2022 our farm animals are living as well at the Verger Cerdà.

Visita horts Natura Cerdanya EcoResort Pirineus

The power of permaculture

  • No emission of C02: we don’t use packaging (no plastic, no aluminum…).
  • All the producte is brought to our restaurants ARÇ and KM Cerdanya: beautiful, healthy and seasonal food!
  • We offer direct contact with the land to every visitor, especially to the smallest.
  • Guided excursions by the Isern Casanovas family to discover the secrets of Verger vegetable gardens.
  • A short distance from Cerdanya EcoResort

What is permaculture?

Humans have moved away from nature and have forgotten that there is a natural harmony between all living things. The evolution of life is based on the waste exchange. For example, we emit CO2 that allows plants perform photosynthesis, and they release oxygen as waste, that is necessary for humans to breathe. Starting a permaculture is to listen to the earth again, work with it and all its microorganisms at their own rhythm and with plants adapted to the region.

The waste we produce from food returns to the earth to help produce new food. It is a cycle with no waste, the perfect balance between human and nature.

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Visita horts Natura Cerdanya EcoResort Pirineus

To work with the earth and return waste to the ground, we have to transform it into fertilizers. This is how we start our compost, formed of organic waste. With time and patience, all these residues (vegetable skins, food waste…) are transformed by macroorganisms into fertilizers that will be used as 100% natural fertilizers.

Curious? Go on the guided tour accompanied by the same family, Isern Casanovas. David, the director of the Hotel, and Nuria, his wife, will explain in detail and with great pleasure this great project. Have a look at the activities planning and don’t miss out!

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Eco vegetable gardens El Verger Cerdà

  • All our production is ecological: we do not use chemical pesticides!
  • We water with rain-recycled water with a countdown system to avoid wasting it!
  • No CO2 emission: We do not use packaging (neither plastics nor aluminum).
  • Everything we produce is brought to our restaurants so that our customers can enjoy quality organic products!