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We like to take care of ourselves and the planet

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We want to know where the food we use comes from, and we have done it the best way possible: we grow our own vegetables in our permaculture garden in a sustainable way! At least 70% the food we offer is from local producers, gluten free and vegetarian food, our meat is organic and our fish fresh!

For us, gastronomy is very important. It is a fundamental aspect of our culture and vital for all human beings to survive. For this reason, at Cerdanya EcoResort we are determined to follow these commitments:

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70% of our cuisine is based on Catalan gastronomy with Pyrenean touch

We are part of the Catalan Cooking collective that works to be declared a world heritage site. In addition we have recovered the most popular and delicious traditional recipes from the founder and many years ago cook, Maria Teresa Isern Planas!

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70% of our dishes are vegetarian

We offer a lot of healthy and fresh dishes of vegetable origin. We highlight our salad buffet that, during the summer and autumn period, has vegetables from our own organic gardens, where no chemical type is used. 30% of the remaining dishes we continue to offer fresh fish and meat stews, of which much of it is organic.

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We are very happy to be part of this project with the aim to reduce food waste! If you don’t finish your meal, at the KM Cerdanya Restaurant you will be able to take it home!
In our ARÇ Restaurant we reward the people who finish their meal with the Cerdans Social coins! These coins can be deposited in one of our piggy banks that correspond to an NGO project. Every 4 months we count the “fake” donations and we, as a company with our values, convert the wooden coins into real donations for these ONGs!

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70% of our dishes are gluten-free

There are lots of people who can’t eat gluten products or have decided to reduce their consumption. We are currently part of the Celiac Association of Catalonia and we offer a separate gluten-free menu and a wide variety of dishes and products for celiac people!

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70% of our products are ecological

70% of our products are ecological, free of chemicals. We would like to extend this commitment beyond the our restaurants and get as close as possible to a natural and chemical-free environment.

Kind with people and the planet

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