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Restaurant KM Cerdanya: take away food

Direct order

  • Direct order by phone at the restaurant 973510260 ext. 728
  • Pizzes and tapas until the 12:00 for lunch or until the 18:00 for dinner.
  • The rest of dishes you have to order the day before, until 22:00 for lunch and before15:00 for dinners
  • The pick up will be at the same restaurant at the agreed hour
  • There are some dishes such as the roasted chicken and the canelons which are not on the menu but you can order them as well.
  • You can choose any one of the dishes of our menu except: the grill dishes and the fondues.
Spt-roasted chicken with salad and potatoes11,50 €
Canelloni with bechamel sauce9,00 €
Pack Barbecue (pick up supermarket camping)Price
It includes: 1 tray of 800gr meat, 1 bottle of red wine, 1 package of coal, 1 tray of salad, 1 alioli (=garlic mayonnaise)28,00€ (2 persons)
Extra person Pack Barbecue14,00€

Restaurant Arç: Take away food

Available in the summer

Direct order

  • Take away dinner and breakfast you can order online
  • The picnics have to be ordered the day before to pick up in the morning and until the 15:00 for the dinner.
  • The rest of dishes have to be ordered the day before, you have time until the 22:00
  • The pick-up will be at the bar of the hotel at the agreed hour
Picnics (pick up bar hotel)Price
Sandwich omelette with eco eggs6,50€
Sandwich bull (=Catalan sausage) of Cal Jaume5,50€
Sandwich cheese of Ger6,50€
Sandwich homemade liverbread5,50€
Patato omelette (4 people)15,00€
Chickpea hummus ( vegan)6,00€
Pasta bio salad ( vegan)7,50€
Legumes salad (vegan)7,50€

Soda 1/2l.2,50€
Water 1/2l.1,50€
Bottle of wine9,50€