When was the last time you did something just for you?

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In Cerdanya EcoResort we want to offer you the perfect space to dedicate time to yourself, that’s why we have created an ecological wellness center with activities, services and many experiences just for you!

The importance of Self-Appreciation

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating healthy food and doing exercise, but also maintaining a good mental health so that we can be happy.

At Cerdanya EcoResort we wanted to work on the second part by offering all kinds of services, activities and even special programs to learn how to take care of yourself from the inside and outside. Give yourself a treat and enjoy what we have prepared for you!

We offer all kinds of personalized massages, a SPA to relax and disconnect a few hours from our sources of stress, directed activities to help us listen to our body, Life Reset programs to pick up new healthy habits … All at an unbeatable location!

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Relax in our spa with panoramic views and surrounded by renovating sensations: slowly feel how your muscles relax and forget about your sources of stress.

Massages & treatments

Can’t find time for yourself? We offer an extensive catalog of massages to choose from. Enjoy massages and treatments at our ecological Wellness center!

Swimming pools

We have two swimming pools: a heated one at the hotel with panoramic views with a pool for children, and an outdoor pool at the campsite. We make it easy for you to recharge on vitamin D!

Well-being programs

We offer activities and stays to work on well-being and to disconnect from routine and listen to the body. We organize activities to pick up new healthy habits and during the stay we practice them. Choose the ideal program for you!

Our ecological wellness center!

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  • Our facilities work with renewable energy sources: biomass boiler and solar panels!
  • The water in our pools is recycled from the rain and treated with salt instead of chlorine!
  • We have a permaculture garden and all the products that we collect go directly to our restaurants: ecological vegetables!
  • The products that we can’t provide ourselves, we buy from local and organic farmers!
  • We offer organic soap in our bathrooms and showers to avoid water contamination!