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Take care of your overall health surrounded by nature and in a unique environment!





Health and Wellness activities

Swimming pools

Take a swim with views of the mountains, let yourself float in the warmth of the sun, feel the fresh air or just cool off… Whether you come alone, as a couple or with children, our pools are for you to enjoy!

SPA Circuit

Imagine a SPA with incredible views over the Cerdanya valley and the Cadí-Moixeró mountain range. Let yourself be carried away by the pleasant and relaxing sensations of our ecological Wellness centre!

Massages and Rituals

Awaken your senses by the hands of our professionals. We take care of your skin using natural and ecological products.

Nature baths

Feel nature. Nature activities to learn how to use its resources for our well-being, as well as connecting with its health benefits.

Guided activities

Pilates, yoga, eco-healthy talks, emotional intelligence workshops, mindfulness, healthy cooking workshops… We help you take care of yourself and find your balance.

Center for Integrative Medicine

We leave you in the hands of our specialists to improve your health. We accompany you and help you. In project.

Our goal is for our customers to go back home with new tools to take better care of themselves

Health and Wellness programs

Ecohealthy stay 2 nights

Two-night package with eco-healthy food, spa, massage and nature. Pamper yourself, rest, revitalize and return with recharged batteries.

Nature and Health Weekends

During the year we offer special weekends for you to experience nature and take care of your health. You choose!

Eco-Community | Wellness Club

We like to see happier people that’s why we want to take a step further. Wellness Club is a community that takes care of you. Become a member and enjoy guided classes, talks, relax in nature, etc.

Life Reset

Stop to learn new healthy habits. Nine days to learn about different tools to take better care of yourself. An integrative view of your health and well-being.

Pilgrimage to the Cerdanya

An active journey with a high level of personal introspection. Pilgrimage to the spiritual encouragement of the Cerdanya. In project.

Come and live: Vital Cerdanya

Seasonal eco-healthy stays. A lifestyle of health, well-being and connection with yourself and the environment. Enjoy our comprehensive health program and experience the tranquility and vitality of La Cerdanya. A time exclusively for you.

Create your lifestyle

Feel the benefits nature brings

We opt for a sustainable living model

Learn new healthy habits

Our eco-friendly Wellness Center!

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  • Our facilities run on renewable energy: biomass boiler and solar panels!
  • The water in our pools is recycled from the rain and treated with salt instead of chlorine!
  • We use natural cosmetics made from plants, that under the principles of Bach flowers, are useful to balance emotions.
  • We offer ecological soap in our bathrooms and showers to avoid polluting the water!