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For sure that you want to know how your stay will be this year. At this page will resolve your doubts.

That this is a special year does not mean that you have to renounce your holidays while they can even be better than you will expect! Everything and everyone at the Cerdanya Ecoresort have their focus on this aim! To reach this amazing experience we only need you!

This page will be updated according to novelties


Where you can find informations?

We offer you distinct ways so you can find everything what you want to know!

  • Screens at the communal areas and at the tv of your accommodation
  • Call at 973510260, or mark ‘9’ from your accommodation
  • Writing a mail at info@cerdanyaecoresort.com
  • For questions: Chat at our website, or by WhatsApp Business

  • Telegram Canal of Animation and activities: you can sign up and out whenever you want
  • Calendar and schedules at the website with a link for register for the different facilities

Our aim is a sostenible life

We adapt us to the new reality

We help you with everything you need

Measures of hygiene and disinfection

System of disinfection

The ecoresort has a system of disinfection of first quality by ten machines of ozone (for water). The ozone is used for disinfect the busiest passages of the ecoresort each few hours. Besides, we let at your diposal vaporizers so you can fill them with ozone and use them during your stay. In our cleaning plan we also do disinfections using a combination of ozone and bleach.

At your accommodation you will find a vaporizer that can fill with water of ozone at the special taps that you find throughout the Cerdanya Ecoresort. The ozone water is maintainings active during 4 hours; then it converts at normal water. During the 4 hours you can disinfect any object, also your hands.

We have installed taps with automatic sensor at the public toilets to facilitate the washing of hands.

It is necessary to wear facemasks when it is not possible to keep distance. If it is necessary, you can buy them at the reception of the hotel and of the campsite. Also we offers temperature control with contactless thermometers .

The rubbish of the apartments and bungalows has to be thrown away at the containers (entrance campsite or containers around the hotel). You can also buy recycling bags; you will get free Social Cerdans (social coins) by your purchase.

We respect at all times a circuit of clean and of dirty laundry when cleaning the accommodations. Also we have a system of double disinfection: one when remove all the dirty laundry and another when finished cleaning the accommodation. This cleaning and disinfection includes sofas, mirrors, walls, utensils, curtains… therefore we have deleted the maximum of decorative elements.

For your security, the amenities are on request at the reception.

You must wear the face mask mask whenever you leave your accommodation unit or when you are not with people from your family or group. In the restaurant you can take it off when you eat or drink.During activities and excursions, when you are doing physical activity, you will not be required to wear them. In the pool it is mandatory only to enter and exit the enclosure, but always keeping the minimum safety distance.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Protocols of our teams

We have established very strictly protocols with our teams to protect them and at you.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in the Hotel, Aparthotel or Bungalow

To be able to apply all the protocols of airing, cleaning and disinfection the departure time for all the accommodations will be at the 11h and the entrances at the hotel will be from the 15h and in case of the apartments or bungalow at the 17h.

For your security and ease we appreciate it if you will make use of the autocheck-in (previous at your arrival), where you be will request for data of the document of identity of the titular of the reservation as well as of the other people involved in your reservation. It is also possible to do the payment of your stay, speeding up the proces and for the safety of all. 

In case of not realising the autocheck-in, we will appreciate it if only one person will go to the reception desk. 

At your arrival you get all the information you need to enjoy your stay (map, how to make a reservation of the activities, reservation of restaurants, game Cerdanya Kids, phone numbers of interest…). Also, you will find our direct contact number of the the reception of the hotel or of the camping to resolve any one of his doubts. You will be attended from 9h-22h. For emergencies you can call +34 973 510 260.

We will facilitate you the accommodation key always with previous disinfection. 

Check-out of the Hotel, Aparthotel or Bungalow

To have sufficient time for airing, cleaning and disinfect the check-out will be before the 11h. Afterwards you can still use our facilities. 

We recommend you, that if you have not realised the autocheck-in or have any extras, pass by reception one-by-one and only person per family.

At the moment of the check-out, after returning your key we will disinfect it. 


Restaurant Arç (hotel)

Open from July, 1st. From 14/09 open in the weekend till 12/10. It will reopen on 04/12.

The breakfast will be served at table and you can choose between two variants:traditional options and a healthier option.

We will give you a check list so you can choose what you want for breakfast and we will serve it at your table.

It is necessary to reserve table, by calling ++34 973510260 ext. 816

The lunch and dinner will be a delicious menu with various options with the guarantee of at least a 70% of ecological products and from local farmers and with the philosophy of the Slow Food comunity. The base is Catalan cuisine with Pyrenean accent and on your demand we have special diet. Some dishes are served with show cooking. Half portions for the children

Ionised water of Prullans is included at the meal

There is the option of some dishes with supplement.

Opening hours restaurant ARÇ:

  • Breakfast: 7h45-10h30
  • Lunch :13h15 – 15h30
  • Dinner: 19h45 – 22h30

Entrance is through the principal door, there is a dispenser of gel and the guests will be attended by the waiters. The guest has to wear a face mask when not sitting at the table ,when going to the toilets, when enter and leave the restaurant.

The tables are so placed that the distance security can be kept. We can expand our restaurant to the Valls of the Cadí-hall and there is the possibility to enjoy the same menu outside in the garden.

The waitresses will go always with facemask and will disinfect the table like the chairs after each use


Adult11,90€ 21,50€
Child 2-12 years6,00€ 10,50€


Half boardFull board
Adult 32,00€46,00€
Child 2-5 years 7,50€10,50€
Child 6-12 years16,50€23,50€

Restaurant/Bar Km Cerdanya (campsite)

Opened from 20 of June. Kitchen open during the whole day.

We will have the same menu of always with some novelty. As there will be less capacity of interior, we have enabled more terrace

The entrance is through the principal door, there will be a dispenser of gel and the guest wil being attended by the waiters. The guest has to wear a facemask when not at the table, when going to the toilet, or when enter and leave the restaurant.

For use of the terrace, the waiters will show you your table.

There will be a part of the terrace only for consumptions without meal.

They serve the drinks at the table, it is not possible to take them at the bar.

You have to make a reservation for a table in person or calling at +34 973510260 ext. 728 (you can mark the extension once the telephone is responding)

Take away and picnics

  • All the reservations has to be made directly at the restaurant before 22h the day before
  • Each guest can pick up his meal at the supermarket at the arranged time

Bar/cafeteria La Jardinera (hotel)

Open from 01/07. After 14/09 open in the weekends till 12/10. Reopen on 04/12.

Please, wait to be attended by our staff,

This summer instead of the the La Jardinera menu, there is the possibility of enjoying the same meal of the Arç restaurant outdoors at the garden.

There will no be a bar service; we serve at table

Passing through the bar zone always has to be with facemask

We disinfect tables and the chairs after each use.

Calendars and Register

For all activities and all facilities you must REGISTER online.




Free access. The entrance is regulated in case of too many people

Join our Telegram canal to get information of the activities (you can opt-in and opt-out whenever you will and will be occult at the other users)

Wellness, Wellbeing and sports facilities

Swimming pool (hotel)

Opening hours: from 10h to 11:55h, from 12:05h to 14h and from 15h to 17:55h and from 18:05hto 21h.

Access to the swimming pool with time slots and acces per number of accommodation: odd or pair or by pre-register

All our guests can enjoy every day the swimming pool as well in the morning as in the afternoon.

  • It is obligatory the use of flip flops or bath slippers, At the reception there will be for sale.
  • It is obligatory the use of towel for the sunbeds
  • There will not be nothing of fame material at the swimming pool. You can bring your own though.
  • For the guests of the hotel and apartments we ask you to change clothes in your accommodation and not use the locker room.

Swimming pool (camping)

Opening hours: from 11:00h to 15h and from 16h to 20h

Acces to the swimming pool is free but in case of too many people the entrance will be regulated.

All our guests can enjoy every day the swimming pool as well in the morning as in the afternoon

  • It is obligatory the use of flip flops or bath slippers.
  • Placing of the towels at 1,5m of distance (except for the same family).

Massages and Ritual treatments

We offer you all the types of massages that you find on our massage menu, but in such a way that we can guarantee the hygiene measures and can make the corresponding disinfections in between the massages. Because of this all our massages have a length of 45′ and the rituals and superior treatments of 80′.

As always: only with reservation.

It is obligatory to pose the facemask only at the moments to enter and exit of the massage cabins.

Wellness – SPA

Opening hours: from 11:30h to 20:30h in weekends and during holidays

Restricted capacity at the Spa locker rooms with 2 guests each 15′ or 1 family (maximum 4 members) and always with previous inscription..

It requires previous register.

Each one of the SPA faciilites will have limited capacity.

Family SPA according to the program). 

We have of a system of online reservations so that can make the reservations anytime, without having to go to reception.

Pilates Classes

Book your Pilates class online. We recommend to take your mat with you.


With previous reservation. Recreational use.



To know our daily activities (from the 1 of July) we recommend you to look at our activities calendar (direct access from the home page).

There is a canal of Telegram where can get all the information of the different activities and where you can register for the use of the facilities or book your activities; it is a one-way canal and the other subscribers of the canal can not see your personal information.

There will be excursions, hiking and/or an outdoor activity: climbing, vía ferrada, the cave of Ànes, guided hikes… It is possible to bring your own picnic and enjoy it in the mountains.

Other activities: feed the animals, guided visits to our orchards, archery…

Workshops for the whole family.

In the weekends we have an activities program.

Book your place or register you for each activity and workshop.

We have a system of online reservations so that can make the reservations anytime, without having to go to reception.

Limited capacity by each activity and workshop.

It will be obligatory to pose facemask only at determinate moments when maintain the distances of security is not possible.

Children facilities

Miniclub Follet Cerdà

It is opened three hours in the afternoons for children from the 3 years, with very limited, use of face masks, entrance every 15 minutes, disinfections each half hour, airing, division of the playing zone in areas and without all the small toys.  Also there will be workshops for families and will take place with separate tables for each family at the Valls of the Cadí room

Maximum capacity of 10 children.

Use of 1h maximum per child

Use of facemask obligatory when bring and pick-up the children

To bring and pick-up the children it is only permitted one family member at the interior of the Follet Cerdà. The rest has to wait outside while maintain the distances of security.

The father/mother/tutor has to sign a resposability statement

The Babyclub is shut temporally

Playgrounds, pingpong tables and 3×3 soccer fields

The children can enjoy the playgrounds as well in the hotel as in the campsite

The pingpong tables will be regularly disinfected. We do not have bats nor balls at your disposal

3×3 Soccer: there will be a limited capacity of 6 persons


It will be opened according to the opening schedules of July and August.

There will be some activities that will be closed since it is complicated to maintain the distances and hygiene.

Limited capacity. Limited access if it will be to crowdy.

It will be obligatory to wear facemask only at determinate moments when you can not maintain the distances of security.

It is not necessary to register.


Activities of animation in the afternoon at the camping with 2 age groups: children from 6 years and also activities for the 12+.

Evening animation as well as the camping as a the hotel and apartments.

There will be championships adapted to the security measures.

There will be a program of live music in the open air, with musicians and artists from the region.

In the weekend there is an animation program.

Book your place for each activity and workshop.

We have of a system of online reservations so that can make the reservations anytime, without having to go to reception.

Limited capacity for each activity and workshop.

It will be obligatory to wear facemask only at determinate moments when you can not maintain the distances of security.

There is Telegram canal where can get all the information of the different activities; it is an one-way canal and the others subscribers of the canal can not see your personal information.

Combine teleworking and nature

New: Totally equipped teleworking room !

You have to work and you can do it from any place? You want to combine work with nature and family? You need to feel you free, creative and inspired? You want to take care of you meanwhile that you are working? You perform better with natural light and views at a Pyrenean village and the mountains?