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Bikers 10% off in accommodation

La Cerdanya is a popular location for bikers as it has many routes and has a great location: in the Pyrenees, near France, Puicerdà and Andorra! Tell us you are a biker and get 10% off in our accommodation!

If you’re a biker, get 10% off in accommodation!

Take advantage of this amazing offer! Our EcoResort is motorbike-friendly and we have many options for groups of bikers. Enjoy La Cerdanya and its’ spectacular views.

  • Motorbike-friendly accommodation
  • Indoor garage
  • Road maps with tours
  • Special place to clean and fix your motorbike
  • Special room to dry wet clothes
  • …and so much more!

Book your accommodation online and please indicate in the comments section that you are a biker to receive the 10% discount!