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Cathars and medieval history

Three times a year we prepare the themed weekends with a series of activities that will allow you to live new experiences realted to the following topics: “Welcome Autumn”, “Cosy Winter”, and “Cathars, customs and legends of the Pyrenees”!

Medieval Cathars weekend

We will transport ourselves to medieval times when the Cathars were considered an heresy and fled from Occitan lands persecuted by the Holy Inquisition. A short film that we have made ourselves will tell you all about them!

On Friday evening at the buffet we will find medieval dishes that follow the Cathar recipes. The Arç restaurant will be decorated, the waiters will wear medieval costumes and we will also have costumes for the most daring customers. All this brightened up with live folk music!!

Guided tour of Cathar places and in the afternoon at the miniclub El Follet Cerdà the children will do a workshop of medieval costumes! Don’t miss ouy!