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Cerdanya Snowshoe Pack

Live a fantastic winter getaway and have fun with our snowshoe excrusion for the whole family!

Snowshoe excursion!

Explore spectacular and the most emblematic places of La Cerdanya. The snowshoes will allow you to walk through the middle of the snowy mountains and forests; definitely one of the best activities to enjoy the beautiful location!

Discover the amazing landscapes with the company of our friendly guides. Hike through silent forests and live nature in a magical way!

The pack includes:

  • Choose accommodation: bungalow, apartment or hotel
  • A family-level snowshoe excursion (from 5-6 years old and we rent backpack carriers for younger children)or medium level.

And also:

  • Civil, health and rescue insurance for all activities.
  • Guidance by professional guides
  • Rental of snowshoes and walking poles included.

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