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Welcome autumn: themed weekends!

Three times a year we prepare the themed weekends with a series of activities that will allow you to live new experiences realted to the following topics: “Welcome Autumn”, “Cosy Winter”, and “Cathars, customs and legends of the Pyrenees”!

Autumns’ one thousand and one colors!

Friday night:

  • Autumn ambiance in the hotel’s hall
  • Soirée of autumn cuisine with a lot of ingredients and plates of the season.
  • ‘Wild mushroom’ game for children


  • In the morning: Guided tour by Pyrenee expert naturalist: LETS’ LOOK FOR MUSHROOMS. A guide will accompany us to learn about mushrooms and forest fruits.
  • Additionally, we will cook the mushrooms we collect!
  • In the afternoon: for the children, at the Miniclub Follet Cerdà, will do a autumn workshop. Free!
  • At night: An orientation game with questions about mushrooms and where each child can get his ‘mushroom expert pin’. Free


  • We will also take a trip to Verger Cerdà, the ecological vegetable gardens of permaculture, where we harvest apples and vegetables for our restaurants.
  • Family SPA: relaxation and fun for the whole family after an intense autumn weekend.

All weekends from the 27/09 until the 31/10