A way of seeing the world that we apply to our vegetable gardens and that inspires our company

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Permaculture is much more than a way to cultivate the earth regeneratively, it is a new approach to live in a more harmoniously with the earth!

What is permaculture?

As humans, we have lost touch with nature mainly due to industrialization. We have forgotten that there is a natural harmony between all living things and that the evolution of life is based on the exchange of waste. For example, we expel CO2 that plants need to do the photosynthesis. In exchange, they emit oxygen that is necessary for humans to breathe. Starting a permaculture means listening to the earth, working with it and all its microorganisms and with plants that adapt to the concrete area!

The design principles

1. Observe & interact

In our vegetable garden El Verger Cerdà, we observed for a year before beginning the design and we still devote a lot of time to observe every day. This is the most important principle. We need to spend more time observing than acting and with less hurry.

We also think about our clients’ needs. We dedicate great attention to their reviews and thoughts through surveys or talking directly to them to keep improving.

2. Accumulate & save energy

In the Verger Cerdà we accumulate solar energy in the form of vegetables and fruits that we later use in our restaurants and that we use for compost. We also use biomass energy that we collect from on our farm and that we will use throughout the years for our new beds of crops, for the compound or for our biomass boilers.

We are pioneers in accumulating and saving energy for more than 30 years!

3. Obtain performance

Our efforts in the vegetable gardens are transformed into delicious and healthy food for our restaurants.

In the EcoResort we invest in making our clients happy in order to have some returns that we mainly reinvest in the company. We are not a NGO but a company with a social and environmental vision and with a strong impact on the society of La Cerdanya thanks to our commitment.

4. Autoregulation & feedback

Our aim is to find balance between all elements that are part of our ecological vegetable gardens El Verger Cerdà. We want to search for a natural abundance and avoiding the collapse of our agricultural system. We have taken into account all the possible relationships that are established between different plants and the ecosystem.

As a company, we cannot opt for an extractive system like the capitalist, but a system that is abundant in balance. This is the maximum insipiration to us and it motivates us to self-regulate ourselves and aim to have a positive impact on the planet and our people.

5. Use & value renewable resources and services

We use natural resources from our terrain to avoid using external agents. For example, our cultivation beds are made with farm wood and manure. Worms are our great friends as they are the ones who air the earth of our gardens, a fundamental aspect for the health of our garden. Microorganisms help us fertilize waste and make our gardens happy!

We are committed to use renewable energy resources but we also value our human resources very much. We invest in the well-being of our team, their constant training and establish trust ties amongst us all.

6. Generate a positive impact on our waste production

In Verger Cerdà we recycle and use everything so that what we have collected, once used, goes back to the earths, a natural cycle.

In the ecoresort we still have a long way to go to achieve a “No waste” generation. We are dedicating many efforts but it is undoubtedly one of the great challenges ahead.

7. Design from patterns to details

At first, El Verger Cerdà may seem like a chaotic garden where all the vegetables are mixed with flowers and aromatic plants and there is no care whatsoever. But really, we have studied and reproduced the natural patterns of plants. We have copied how natural flora of our region works and we have reproduced its patterns. We want to listen to nature and work with it, not against it, reproducing a totally antinatural garden.

We are aware that our company is located in special territory and that’s why we try to establish links with it.

We collaborate with the associative groups of the area and look to contribute and learn at all levels with the other projects and people that surround us.

Each project is unique and unrepeatable. We are not a company that produces regardless of the location. We are a fully integrated in our territory and care about it deeply!

8. Integrate rather than segregate

In our gardens we seek to promote all the beneficial associations between plants. The more diversity and cooperation the more balance.

As an ecoresort, our team is very important and we believe in team cooperation, that why we provide tools for teambuilding, mindfullness and emotional management in order to strengthen our ties.

9. Use little and slow solutions

We have gathered a lot of experiences throughout the years, and we have come to realize that it’s better to do things little by little.

It is not easy to break dynamics. We are a company that brings innovation in our DNA and the excitement has made us precipitate in a lot of interesting projects and ideas and we love to keep learning!

10. Evaluate, use and value diversity

In our gardens we want to escape monoculture. The land becomes exhausted, it causes imbalances and pests come easier. At Cerdanya Ecoresort, we adore diversity!

Our team is made up with people of different origins, formations, characters and profiles, and we see this as our great advantage. To create a great symphony you need many different notes!

11. Use of the margins & value what is marginal

At Verger Cerdà we have observed that in the margins of our vegetable garden, there are different ecosystems where there is a lot of diversity and abundance. Therefore, we try to promote the margins and its’ contact with different plants.

We also flee from specialization. Our vocation is to work for excellence in different segments and not just one. We want to welcome a lot of people who come to enjoy the mountain whether or are on holiday with their family, to work with us, to do an activity, to cure themselves … .. And we integrate everyones’ needs (different food regimes, adaptation to food allergies, hosted in different languages …).

12. Respond creatively to change

We believe in resilience. Since 1947, our company has experienced different crises and we are always trying to learn and become stronger.

We adapt to change quickly and we have a great ability to improvise. We believe that the world has to face very profound changes and we will be pushing from our small vegetable garden any change that allows us to live in harmony with nature and in a fairer world!