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Committed and respectful to the environment, with the society and its workers

Welcome to the Cerdanya, the great valley of the Pyrenees.

It's in one of the most biodiverse areas in Europe. A landscape forged since prehistoric times by humans who have lived in harmony with nature by creating their own identity within the Pyrenees with a rural culture that has given a rich cultural, architectural and ethnographic heritage.

What do we do from the Cerdanya Resort to respect the environment? The top 10 steps.

  • Using renewable energies – We have different types of solar panels installed in all our establishments (vacuum tubes, plates of different fabrications …). 25 years that we are working on solar thermal energy and everytime we can bet for more. We also have a solar photovoltaic floor of 50 kW fully integrated into the camping.
  • Saving water – We have water tanks that collect rainwater gutters and irrigation to proceed to fill the pools or watering. We use drip irrigation systems. We also have two levels of tank drain, water pressure regulators in all the faucets and showers. We only change the towels when guests leave them on the floor.
  • We recycle – oils, batteries, paper, plastic and cans, glass, organics
  • We use organic products – paper, brochures, cleaning products, amenities, and food packaging.
  • System power management – There is a computer that manages the electric heater depending on the temperature, doing micro-cuts when needed. We have generating units that act when there are cuts and also to produce energy at certain moments.
  • Environmental Workshops at the Mini club, in the animation and at the Cerdanya Activities Park. We promote respectful activities (hiking, biking, horseback riding). And in our planned activities we take bags to pick up trash found in the environment.
  • We have also worked with environmental organizations (DEPANA).
  • At the managment we try to print the minimum necessary and whenever possible, documents are scanned. In emails we ask to our guests to evaluate if it is necessary to print the documents or not.
  • We promote new technologies to avoid putting signs in the territory (GPS routes, Fantashistory, QR codes …).
  • We reward guests who arrive at the hotel on footon horseback or by bike.


How could you help during your stay?

  •  In the Hotel 

-Turn off the lights when you leave your room.
– In winter, do not air more than 5 minutes per day and in summer, keep the screens closed, dark room during the day.
-When washing your teeth, pay attention to not leave the tap running
– Try to separate your waste. There are bins at the entrance of the hotel to recycle.
–Try to not print the booking sheets the code is enough.
-We only change the towels when you leave them on the bathroom floor

  • In your excursions

– Follow the instructions of the panels that you can find in the bar about your visits to nature: You have to close roads fences, dogs must be tied, respect the livestock. Respect private properties. Always collect garbage
– Never make any fire in the forest
– Try to prioritize transport on foot, horseback or mountain bike and if it is necessary to move by car, always do it by permitted roads.


Thank you for your cooperation. Nature will thank you as it is deeply generous!

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