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HOTEL and APARTMENT: We are in postwar when Josep Casanovas and Marginet, second son from la Torre has to leave Prullans to earn his life. He works in the stores of Jorba from Manresa but cannot stop thinking every day about Prullans and the Sierra del Cadi . He explains in detail the landscape of his village to his peers; finally he comes back to Prullans of homesickness. There he meets a young girl from Martinet daughter from la Fonda Pyrenees, Maria Teresa Isern and Planes and he marries her. Between them comes the project of making a hotel to offer people the opportunity to enjoy the landscape of Prullans. They are taken for crazy by the prullanencs.




With the post-war misery they collected the stones of an old woollen factory and went to the forest to fetch wood to build the first building of the Hotel Muntanya, it was in 1944 but the hotel was not inaugurated until 1947 after the birth of their first daughter, Montserrat. At that time you had to make a long journey by train from Barcelona or from Perpignan to Puigcerdà, there take the bus and then the hotel had a service of stagecoach a carriage pulled by a mule who fetched the guests in the road. Getting to the hotel was quite an epic.


This first building was built in an open field around a plantation of apples and pears.The hotel had various stages of construction each time enlarging it. The rooms were all without bathrooms and many guests tell the stories of how they should watch for the doors when someone came out enter quickly.

In the early 70’s in the opposite house the Maria Montserrat residence was built with spacious rooms and mostly with bathroom. In 1987 the founder Josep Montserrat Casanovas died and then Montserrat took the hotel management supported by her husband and children. Shortly after, the residence Maria Montserrat was closed until 1996 when it was reformed and then the aparthotel Ca l’ Aurèn raised.

This is the story of one building but in a parallel and inseparable way the history of the family Casanovas-Isern and especially all the guests stories flow too. Today and over 60 years later are still coming the third and fourth generations of the first guests. We are still writing the story together and the Hotel Muntanya is still a quality reference for the holidays in the Pyrenees.


CAMPING: About 1969 Artur Isern and Domingo was still a farmer. Seeing that his children were getting older and that he did not really see much future in his profession he decided to invest in the tourism world. So he began to make land swaps to make the field near the N-260 be enough large to open a camping. The beginnings were as usual not easy and often the marketing belonged in stopping the caravans passing through the road to Andorra and propose them to stop their trip and install at the camping with such beautiful views over the Cadi.

The first pool was a raft in the river of Vial. Later, with the water of the river was built a pool that today would be seen as dam and not a swimming pool. Undoubtedly these bathing areas were a revolution in the village of Prullans.

What certainly was a revolution in the world of our camping was when in 1975 it became the first winter camping in Spain. By adapting all facilities for the cold and open all the year

One anecdote that shows the vision future of Arturo Domingo is when he planned to buy some RENFE old wagons to put them on the camping. Finally he did not do it but certainly after the years this idea was realized with the bungalows


The bungalows that now fill all the camping.

In 1967 Mr. Artur Isern and Domingo inaugurated the Camping la Cerdanya in Prullans. At that time the camping was open in the summer season and guests of those times were foreign tourists who were passing to Andorra and seeing the camping they stop for some days or familiar national tourism most of the metropolitan area Barcelona.

The policy of the camping was to win the loyalty of guests. Those families began to come each summer.


Due to the inclement weather the summer season is very short and if we add to that the increasing logical demands of comfort due to the society evolution, it is normal that progressively families decide to buy caravans.

The number of caravans is increasing each year and quickly come to occupy most of the plots. The comfort of these accommodations and the existence of ski resorts very close to the camping make guests ask if they can install the caravan during the ski season.

In 1975, seeing the possibilities offered by opening in winter works begin to open (hot water, heating in bathrooms, restaurant, etc.) and we are also pioneers in installing solar thermal panels.

In 1976 the camping la Cerdanya is the first camping to open also during the winter season around all the Spanish State.

It is also in 1976 that are inaugurated the first 3 bungalows to find an accommodation that allow comfort at the camping all the year.

This allows many families that came during the summer season also to come in winter season.

The bad weather again plays against and even if there is progresses on the caravans when snow often they cannot come. These leads to strengthening the systems think on advanced solutions or carried the first mobile homes.

In 1989 are made the necessary reforms to adapt to the camping to the new tourism rules camping.

In 1991  they proceed to enlarge the camping and at different stages bungalows have been installed since many families getting older still want to come back to the camping with more comfort camping.

What the Camping la Cerdanya has made since 1947 is to loyalty guests and adapt to the changes and trends of their guests. We have always been an innovator and pioneer company in the world of camping. Proof of the efficacy in this loyalty is that many of the first guests are still coming to our camping and many others have remained in the region to buy second homes in Prullans and in the surrounding villages.

Right now with 330 plots and 40 bungalows it is the largest camping in the province.

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